Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're back!

If the two weeks of silence were starting to worry Bryce's fans, let me put your fears to rest: the little guy is doing fantastic. We spent the past week enjoying, and the preceding week preparing for, our first long vacation in close to two years. After a long Memorial Day weekend followed by the past seven days at the lake, everyone except Bryce is a little less pale and a lot more relaxed.

Someone forgot to give Bryce the memo about our week of idleness, because he's been working hard on all sorts of new things. He's crawling on all fours now, spends a lot of time standing, and is starting to figure out cruising. His first tooth (bottom) popped through last Saturday night, and although he was unusually fussy on Sunday, he was cheery as always for the rest of the week in spite of the fact that he cut his second tooth (right next to the first) a few days later. He loved playing with his family both inside and out, and best of all, he hasn't had so much as the sniffles for the entire month.

The only drama of the week occurred during our attempts to visit the Alexandria YMCA, which has a new zero-depth pool. On our first try, we didn't even set foot in the water, as we were asked to shelter in the men's locker room for forty-five minutes due to dangerous tornadoes in the area. The next day was a lot better; both kids loved the pool, but we're a bit concerned about Bryce's apparent lack of a self-preservation gene. When placed in water a few inches deep, he would resolutely crawl towards the deeper end of the pool. When the water reached his shoulders, he didn't stop. When the water reached his chin, he didn't stop. When the water reached his nose, he didn't stop. I'm not sure what would've happened if we'd allowed this to continue, but we're starting to think that maybe our water baby loves the pool a little too much.

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  1. Welcome home!
    You have all been missed. This is such a happy and fun blog and we enjoyed it so much. Loved Bryce switching hands to roll the wheels both ways. The crawling is great and the water baby story was just wonderful. Alex was the same way. I used to take her and Ashley swimming at the Beach Club in Wisconsin. As a toddler Alex would run down the cement walk to the deep end and plunge in. Grandma never ran that fast in her life. From then on she had to wear a life jacket. Happy Father'd Day, Jason.