Friday, August 6, 2010

Breaking the silence

Ba ba ba. Ba ba ba ba ba! Ba ba ba ba!

No, I haven't lost it completely. It's just such a welcome sound that I felt it was worth repeating. On Wednesday, Bryce spontaneously unleashed a stream of consonants, and we've been enjoying his newly discovered vocalizations on a regular basis since then.

Bryce's speech therapist told us to expect these sorts of sounds at around 6 months adjusted, and by 8-9 months adjusted, he was officially "delayed." His pediatrician told us we needn't be concerned, since he was probably just putting all his energy into his excellent progress on physical milestones, but after everything we've seen and heard, "don't worry" is a tall order.

I'm pretty sure I heard a "da da da da" earlier in the day; that first word is just around the corner! ;) Print this post

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