Friday, November 26, 2010

We need some pumpkin pie, stat!

Winter swept in like a lion, and it has brought with it nearly constant illness. 3/4 of the family, not to mention everyone who came to visit the house two weeks ago, was laid low with a nasty stomach flu. Runny noses, hacking coughs, whiny boys and some seriously smelly diapers have been ubiquitous ever since.

All this sickness has taken its toll on Bryce. Two months ago, he was just over 21 lbs. Today at his "eighteen month" (actual) check-up, he was ... just over 21 lbs. He's lost nearly half a pound since his hospitalization and it shows. Bryce's arms and legs are toned, with nary a fat roll to be seen. He looks positively elfin in his baggy winter clothes, which isn't surprising since he's near the 25th percentile for height but has dropped to the 8th percentile for weight.

You'd think that the abundance of calorie-laden Thanksgiving goodies would take care of that problem in short order, but it seems that Bryce's eating habits have changed as well. The boy who used to consume nearly as much pizza as Daddy for dinner can no longer be counted on to finish a single Ritz cracker. Bryce has become a textboook grazer, and the few foods that he will eat with regularity (bananas, crackers, cheerios) aren't exactly fattening fare.

We were also disheartened to hear that Bryce's pediatrician has now jumped on the "Bryce's speech is delayed" bandwagon. At close to 15 months adjusted, he still has no words, nor does he use sounds or sign language to name things. The closest thing we get to communication from Bryce is an impatient whine accompanied by vague pointing. However, he definitely understands language, and he's doing so well in other areas that the doctor thinks it's probably a fine motor skill delay, and not a neurological problem. He still has a few months before he'd be more than a "late talker", but it's easy to worry about any deviation from normal when his first four months were so extraordinary.

In spite of the recent minor drama, we've got a lot to be thankful for this year. Bryce is rapidly evolving into a vivacious toddler, and our family has been blessed by a year of relative calm, health and the little joys (summer vacation, holiday gatherings, lazy weekend mornings) that were conspicuously absent last year. I'm cautiously optimistic that by this time next year, I will find myself truly at a loss for words regarding the serious day-to-day impacts of Bryce's prematurity because there will be nothing to say!

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