Sunday, February 20, 2011

My First Word

"Mama?" No. He does say "Ma ma ma ma", and perhaps it's wishful thinking, but it seems to me that he does it more often when Mama is in the room. However, he has never used "Mama" to address or call for Christie. "Dada?" Ditto.

Bryce's first word is rather ironic, given all that he faced coming into this world, but when he uses it, I hear not only concern, but also his conviction that with a little bit of willpower (and some help from Mom and Dad), this too can be surmounted. When Bryce says "uh-oh", with heavy emphasis on both syllables, the message that's conveyed is, "Hmm, a problem. I can fix this!"

Perhaps some of our readers are thinking, "Uh-oh? Is that really a word?" I can assure you that it is in the dictionary, and Bryce consistently uses it in an appropriate context. Dropped his cup or bib on the floor? "Uh-oh!" Electronic talking monkey quiet as a stone? "Uh-oh!" In the latter case he even pointed at the battery door on the monkey's foot, then walked over to the desk and pointed at the shelf that holds the screwdriver.

We're still eager for that first "Mama" and "Dada", but after months spent worrying about the long-term effects of "bleeding in the brain" and "insufficient oxygen being delivered to the brain", the word uh-oh is music to our ears.

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  1. Always nice to read the progress that Bryce continues to make. We are thrilled for all of you! Paul K.