Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy days, quiet nights

Every once in a while, I pause to reflect on some aspect of my life and realize that I'm very content with the status quo. This past week with Bryce has definitely been one of those times. He's healthier than he's ever been and his temperament changed almost overnight from fussy, impossible-to-please little tyrant to happiest baby on the block. For the past few nights, he's slept for 9 hours with only a single feeding break in the middle! I still find myself lying awake at night on occasion, but it's the more easily banished fears of what may come (or ghosts of the past) that keep me up, rather than quandaries of the present. If only we knew how to keep him this happy and healthy. :)

We bid farewell to one specialist this week, but we added two more; I suppose that's progress of a sort. Bryce's retinologist said that his eyes have fully recovered from the laser surgery and that his retinas look "awesome," so our little champ has officially beaten retinopathy of prematurity. She referred us to a pediatric opthamologist, which is one of several big events looming on the horizon. In early November, the opthamologist is going to test how well Bryce can see to determine whether he needs baby glasses. Between now and then, we've got important appointments with a urologist to check on his hernias, a pulmonologist to evaluate his lung condition and an otolaryngologist (ear-nose-throat doctor) to check on his cleft palate. That's three too many opportunities for our peace and harmony to be disturbed by some complication that we're blissfully ignorant of, but if Bryce's luck holds we should be able to cross a few more names off his list of caregivers in two weeks. Print this post

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  1. Hello. I ran across your blog tonight and was completely drawn into your story. It brought back so many memories for me. My little guy was born at 27 weeks. Survivor of a Grade IV IVH, NEC and Cortical Visual Impairment and now diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.
    He is now 22 months and is thriving. He is a happy guy who gets plenty of attention.
    I also have a blog and update it as much as I possibly can. Kudos to you for updating it everyday!
    Good Luck to you and your family; you have a beautiful little guy who is also thriving. You can tell he is happy.