Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Packing on the pounds

After a few disconcerting days of zero growth, we decided to try bumping up Bryce's fortified milk volumes from 60 ml to 75 ml, and he has responded in a big way! He's roughly seven and a half pounds today, which is an average growth rate of 1.5 ounces/day (nearly a four-fold increase!) over the past five days. His length is up to 19.75", and his head circumference has increased to 36.5 cm. Bryce's pediatrician was very pleased with our burgeoning boy at this afternoon's check-up, and we were equally pleased to hear him described by a doctor as a "very healthy-looking baby."

Of course, it would be very un-preemie-like to have a several-day period with only good news, and the last five days were no exception. On Sunday, Christie was a bit panicked after finding a rather large lump in Bryce's private area. After a few minutes on Google, I decided that Bryce had either the world's largest testicle or an inguinal hernia. Fortunately, the lump didn't seem to be causing him any pain, and the fact that it went away after several hours pretty much ruled out the first theory. When I explained what we'd seen to Bryce's pediatrician, he said that I'd described a textbook case of an inguinal hernia, and suggested that we contact a pediatric urologist sooner rather than later, since this type of hernia rarely resolves without surgical assistance. So, Bryce will likely undergo the second surgery of his life sometime before the end of the year. I'd like to say that I hope it will be his last, but that's so unrealistic that I'll settle for hoping that it is quick and painless. Print this post

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