Thursday, November 5, 2009

A ray of sunshine

I sometimes feel like I'm the stormcrow, constantly heralding the arrival of more troubling news. Bryce must have sensed my disquiet, because he put on quite a show for the occupational therapist (OT) today, and I could hardly wait to share the good, and only good, tidings.

After Bryce's trouble at the audiologist on Monday, Christie asked me if I'd ever heard him coo. I pointed out that he squeaks (kind of like a grunt), but I couldn't recall a time that I'd ever heard him coo. She was concerned that Bryce's language skills weren't developing because he couldn't hear, and my answer only intensified her concern. Since then, we've both been anxiously trying to prove to ourselves that he does respond to our voices and the sounds of the world around him.

Thus, I'm pleased (and relieved) to announce that he was cooing up a storm for the OT this morning. He didn't stop there, though. With a little coaxing, he grabbed some toys on his own, brought one up to his mouth and even rolled over twice! I'm also happy to report that sanity prevailed at Logan's H1N1 vaccination appointment this morning, as Christie had no trouble convincing the nurse that she ought to be poked as well.

I regularly try to remind myself that Bryce's journey will be different, that I can't expect that he'll be a typical newborn; really, I can't expect anything. Rather than lamenting the challenges he faces, I should be celebrating every moment that he's here with us, because in a different time or place, that simply wouldn't be the case. In reality, when you're dealing with the fear of illness or disability, it's easy to lose sight of the miracle of his life. Days like today certainly don't hurt. :) Print this post


  1. Yay!! Today was such a beautiful, sunshiney day that I'm glad to hear it rubbed off on you guys! It is a long, arduous road (more like roller coaster) ahead for Bryce and your family, but happy days are essential to dealing with the not-so-happy moments. Thanks for continuing to share your journey with us...Bryce has a lot of fans!

  2. Bryce, I knew you were a winner! I knew it! Keep on cooing, turning over and just see how much fun your family and the world have to offer you.
    You are offering us a lot of fun now. Sweet babyLove you!