Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In his own words

Hi, this is Bryce. You'll have to pardon my Mommy and Daddy; they get a little emotional sometimes. Don't worry, I know what needs to get done, and I'm a real 'git r done' kind of guy. All those fancy pants doctors are always running around preaching doom and gloom, scaring my parents with whoppers like "Bryce can't hear!", and "Bryce can't see!", and even "Bryce's brain isn't growing!" HAH! We'll see about that.

Did you know that I weigh 11.6 pounds today? All that growing makes a guy mighty hungry, so I've been drinking 4 ounces of milk every 3 hours! I inherited a sensitive tummy from my Mommy, and sometimes I get a little cranky from all the rumbling and grumbling that goes on in there. On really bad days, I spit up a little bit of milk, and it goes through a hole in the top of my mouth and comes out my nose! That is not fun.

My Mommy is really nice. She rocks me when I can't sleep, and even gives me baby massages! We play lots of games; one of my favorites is hitting balls in the Bumbo. I can't quite sit up straight yet, and holding my head up tires me out, but I love to watch those balls roll around!

I like my Daddy too. He helps me stand up so that I can see everything that's going on around me. My legs are strong enough to support me, but I need Daddy's help to balance. Sometimes, I start breathing really hard when Daddy is playing with me, and he gets a little worried, but I don't think he should fret. Standing up is a lot of work for such a little guy!

I recently learned a fun new game. Mommy & Daddy think I've "discovered my hands." Pssht. As if I didn't know they were there. When Daddy's feeding me, I like to knock the bottle out of his hands when he's not paying attention. He doesn't think it's funny, but I think it's hilarious! One time, when Mommy was watching, I bopped myself right in the forehead with my hand, just to get a laugh out of her!

You know what I don't like? Cold wipes. My parents have this perfectly good wipe warmer in my bedroom, but every time I make a mess in my pants, they reach for those disposable wipe packages. It's bad enough that I have to suffer the indignity of someone else wiping my bum; you'd think they could at least use the warm wipes! It's almost like they're too lazy to walk up the stairs. What's up with that?

I have a big surgery coming up soon. On Wednesday the 16th, I'll be having my hernias repaired at Children's Hospital. I'm a little scared that they're going to put that nasty tube down my throat again, but the doctor says they're going to take real good care of me. I get to stay overnight with Mommy in my very own room at the hospital! I wonder if they'll have a TV with that Cars movie my brother loves so much. I like to sneak a peek at that one when Mommy and Daddy think I'm sleeping in the swing. SHHH! Don't tell.

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  1. Eliza was watching this video with me and announced "that baby has maracas!" (said with great enthusiasm). Can a xylophone be far behind?

  2. I love this post! I related too well to "Bryce can't hear! Bryce can't see! Bryce's brain won't grow!" We got all of those as well. The brain thing was particularly upsetting. And... in the end, totally not true. You know, Crew has started pooping 3-7 times a day and it's making me crazy. BUT, I think if I used warm wipes it would just encourage him to do it more. What do you think? ;)