Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Live from the operating room

LAST UPDATE, 8PM: Our baby boy is on the mend. He briefly woke up at 4:30 pm and guzzled an entire bottle before promptly falling back asleep. About two hours later, we were greeted with the typical wide eyes and goofy grin, so we knew he was going to be just fine. The doctor stopped by at 7:30 and said he's more or less clear to go, but they couldn't start the discharge process before 10:30 (because the protocol says so). Christie was already falling asleep, so we decided the two of them will stay the night. They've already weaned Bryce to infant Tylenol, and he seems perfectly happy; the doc says he should be "back to normal" by tomorrow. That kid is made of tough stuff.

UPDATE, 2PM: Bryce is still extremely lethargic, and he's as enthusiastic about eating as Christie is about sleeping in a bed that is literally eighteen inches wide. The nurse actually called the anesthesiologist, because they expected him to be more responsive by now and he's been arching his back in a way that suggests he's not terribly comfortable. The doc was surprised that he could feel anything after the spinal, but he prescribed a shot of morphine, and now Bryce's out cold. His sluggishness is nothing to worry about, but it does mean we won't be leaving this broom closet before 10PM this evening. After looking at the mean incision just below his tummy, I'm willing to cut the kid a little slack.

Luckily, Bryce slept until minutes before the surgery

X marks the spot -- you can't be too careful

Reassuring Mom and Dad with some pre-surgery smiles

Happy to be back in Mommy's arms

Morphine dreams

UPDATE, 11AM: Our little champ is out of surgery and back in Mama's arms! The surgery lasted about an hour, and he spent roughly the same amount of time in recovery. Christie and I were vacillating about whether to go through with the surgery right up to the minute that the OR nurse gently pried him from Christie's protective embrace, so we were somewhat relieved when the surgeon told us afterward that we definitely made the right decision. He said that Bryce had a "huge hernia" on the right side, and that he could "fit his thumb through it."

The anesthesiologist told us that Bryce would be receiving a spinal block (kind of like an epidural) for pain, and that he might need a little bit of narcotic as well. Given his history of apnea, Christie and I were squirming anxiously in our waiting room seats alongside a dozen other antsy parents. I've never thought of my wife as a particularly swift person, but when the nurse came 'round the corner with Bryce in tow, I think she may have crossed the intervening space faster than Usain Bolt.

The drugs must be doing their job, because Bryce is still sleeping soundly, despite the fact that he hasn't eaten since 2AM. Thankfully, he is breathing on his own (no vent!), and his vitals are great. The doctor said that they want to keep him for observation for at least 12 hours, but he did so well that they might release us later tonight. We're currently cooling our heels in recovery room limbo until a room becomes available; I'll post some pictures when we get settled later in the day.

ORIGINAL, 5AM: Well, more likely the OR waiting room, but I will try to post updates throughout the day. My first question for the doctor is: "Who decides that all children's surgeries should happen at 7AM?!" Print this post


  1. I think doctors feel that little ones require absolute perfection and doctors want to be "bright eyed and bushy-tailed" before attempting the surgery. We are all praying for the best outcome. Hang in there. Better days are ahead.

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  3. You both deserve a medal for today's effort.

  4. Thanks for the update. I'll keep you and Bryce in my thoughts. I do hope you are out of the broom closet and away from the 18 inch bed before nightfall!

  5. You guys are in our thoughs! Keep up the good work Bryce, we know you can do it!

  6. Thank you for the updates and pictures :) TeamSonnek is cheering for all of you!

  7. Glad to hear everyone is resting comfortably and worry-free.


  8. Heeeeeeyyyyyyy...... We had that surgery too :)