Saturday, January 9, 2010

Big strides for little Bryce

Like the new faces who've been crowding the YMCA, Bryce is eager to impress in 2010, so he's been showing off all sorts of new tricks.

First, Bryce has been working on his core strength. Whether it be sitting or standing, he's been spending a lot more time off the floor. He can sit in the tripod position (hunched over with both hands on the floor) without assistance, and he can even stand unsupported for several seconds as long as he has something to hang on to (see pic).

He's also been practicing his hand-eye coordination. Last week, we were delighted and relieved when Bryce started reaching for toys and stuffing them in his mouth. Now, one of his favorite activities when he's on his play mat is to find and munch on his stuffed whale toy.

As seen in earlier videos, Bryce continues to work on his communication skills. He's up to at least three distinct sounds, and he frequently carries on "conversations" (back and forth cooing) with Christie or I. Plus, he consistently laughs at our funny faces and during baby games.

Finally, Bryce is already thinking about expanding his diet in 2010. I doubt we'll be starting solids for a couple months, but the copious volumes of drool and constant hand munching strongly suggest to us that he's teething. The speech therapist confirmed our suspicions, so it's just a matter of time until he's sporting some pearly whites in that goofy grin.

Most of the "resolutionaries" will have abandoned the gym long before the snow melts. Considering all the challenges he's overcome so far, I'm confident that Bryce's resolve will long outlast theirs, and we're excited to finally introduce him to the world that he fought so hard to be a part of. Print this post


  1. We are all anxiously awaiting the time when we can finally meet this cute little one in person. We are so thankful you take the time to keep all of us up to date on Bryce's progress. We celebrate each victory with you. Seeing his beautiful smiling face brings tears to my eyes -- What a miracle he is!!!

  2. Great-grandpa Harry commented on this child who smiles beautifully, coos like a singer, laughs at the antics of Logan, reaches for his favorite toys, stands beside a couch and asks, "Is this the same child who weighed 20 0z at birth? My can of pop weighs that much. How can this be??"
    I responded and said, "I guess it is called faith, hope and love."

  3. What a happy little face! Crew has that same Red and gray striped jammie...