Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You might be a micro-preemie parent if..

1. Trigrams (IVH, NEC, ROP, ..) cause you to break into a cold sweat.
2. Your lifetime tab for medical services has two commas in it.
3. You can convert from grams to ounces in your head.
4. You have at least one hospital in your speed dial.
5. You appreciate the complexity of suck, swallow, breathe.
6. Guests have to scrub-in before they enter your house.
7. You think artificial surfactant is the best thing since sliced bread.
8. The insurance company hates you, and the feeling is mutual.
9. You throw a party for each new fat roll.
10. You can spell periventricular leukomalacia, and you know what it means!
11. Your child saw more specialists in the first year than you'll see in your life.
12. You know how to interpret an arterial blood gas.
13. You've been sorely tempted to lean on the scale during well-baby check-ups.
14. You're deeply aware that life is a gift, not a burden or entitlement.
15. You're sick of roller coasters. Bring on the lazy river!

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  1. What a great list!

    I would add:

    16. Your home has more OT/PT Equipment than the Equinox Gym.

    17. You now have at least one kitchen cabinet dedicated to medication and the means to administer that medication.

    18. You've complained on your blog so much about your insurance company that Google lists your blog first of all the hits for your insurance company. (this one MADE my day!).

    19. You have to breathe very, very, very deeply when people tell you about their "tiny" 6 pound, 38 week preemie.

    20. You know the exact date and time that each milestone is suppose to be met and keep diligent track of each and every one.

  2. 21. The pharmacy opened a branch in your living room.

  3. 22. You have a religious blog following, who routinely find themselves unconsciously clapping at how cute a video is.

  4. 23. You had to start a blog to keep your family up to date with all of the doctor appts, tests, and therapy sessions. Also to keep up to date all of the people who were praying for your little one. Too many people to call, and too much information for over the phone!