Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The end is nigh

While the title may lead you to believe that I'm about to don some sandwich boards, head downtown and start haranguing passers-by, today actually marks a return to saner times for the Sonneks. Bryce had an appointment with the pediatrician today (shocking, I know); officially, it was his "nine month" well-baby visit, since no one at the insurance company can understand the concept of adjusted age (and that's probably the nicest thing I can say about them). Anyhow, when posed with the micro-preemie parent's version of "Are we there yet?" for the umpteenth time, Bryce's pediatrician shocked and delighted Christie when he said, "Yes, yes you are." So, come the end of March, the littlest member of the family will have official medical sanction to start exploring the world outside these walls. In four weeks, we're free!

Bryce is still doing fairly well with his transition to solid food. He's eating two "meals" a day -- we've been rotating between rice cereal, avocado and prunes, with sweet potato on deck. He generally does well, but he definitely inherited his Mama's sensitivity to food texture. We tried making his rice cereal with water instead of milk once, and as soon as the cereal hit his tongue he started gagging and retching. Nevertheless, he's still doing better than we expected. Plus, the pediatrician informed us that he has not one, not two, but six teeth that are ready to pop through! Two on the bottom, which should be making an appearance "any day", and four on the top that won't be long behind.

Finally, Bryce treated us to his first sound on Sunday afternoon: "ba." He said it four or five times, but hasn't started doing it consistently yet. Given how much time he spends pursing his lips and spitting, it's not too surprising that he decided to start here. Perhaps he'll "B" ready to impress all of you with his burgeoning vocabulary when that special day in April rolls around. Print this post

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  1. Sounds like wonderful news all around. Congrats! Big boy!