Sunday, March 21, 2010

Merrily marching along

Naught but happy news to cap off a quiet weekend. Bryce has more or less quit coughing, and we've only been using the nebulizer once a day. He's still wheezing more heavily than normal, but has been acting like the bubbly baby boy we know and love.

On Thursday, Bryce had his first follow-up with the urologist, and I'm pleased to report that his kidneys are growing and his ureteral reflux is no longer a concern. So, he's off the amoxicillin, which was the last pharmaceutical vestige of his NICU days. When we finish up with the neb, Bryce will be drug-free!

The urologist said, "Now you can treat him like a normal baby." Amazingly, it's kind of starting to feel that way. Scary. Print this post


  1. On the news last night, we saw a 1 lb. baby in a doctor's hand. Hard to believe that beautiful Bryce with a contagious smile and laughter was once that size. Have you ever seen eyes like his? They tell a story of hope and peace for all.
    What a miracle child he is. Please hug him for his great-grandparents.