Saturday, April 17, 2010

Missing this smile

Bryce's happy moments have been few and far between during the past couple days. He picked up a cold (stuffy nose, cough, fever) from his big brother, and it turns out that the nebulizer is not a panacea. The poor kid's been straining mightily against some discomfort for the past two nights, so all three of us are bleary-eyed and short-tempered.

On Thursday the doc said that he should start feeling better after 48 hours, so hopefully he'll be at the top of his game for next weekend's big event.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: This just in from the pediatrician's office -- a double ear infection! This villain is well-known around these parts, and we're confident that the good sheriff Amoxicillin will run 'em out of town before long. Print this post


  1. Bryce is the most beautiful baby, I just love his expressions! I hope he feels better soon.

  2. C'mon sweet baby. You can beat this. I know you can. Mommy and Daddy have enough on their plate right now and they need you to be well. We are praying for you and want to see that million dollar smile again.
    Love you,
    Great-grandparents Harry & Renee