Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh, the places you'll go

The park. The coffee shop. The grocery store. Three family Easter celebrations. For Bryce, a whole new world of weird and wonderful places has opened up! We're trying to start slowly and won't let our guard down completely, of course, but listening to Bryce giggle as the swing moves back and forth is like that first glass of water after a ten mile run.

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  1. Happy Easter!!! What a joyous day!!! Wish we were celebrating with the Sonnek family this Easter ... but I look forward to the day to spend time with you Bryce -- to look into your BEAUTIFUL eyes and hear your wonderful voice!!! I give Thanks to God for the special gift you are to not only our family but this world!!!
    Happy Easter to your whole family!!! Love you ALL!!!
    Auntie Roxanne

  2. Happy Belated Easter Bryce and Family!! We are so excited to meet you very soon. Good to see how happy you are!!

    Auntie Amy