Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Soon to be sportin' some spectacles

Bryce's pediatric opthamologist told us at his first appointment last September that he'd need glasses someday, but we didn't think that day would come so soon. We learned at his check-up today that his myopia (near-sightedness) is pretty severe, and the doc suggested that we should get Bryce some baby glasses to ensure that it doesn't hinder his development. So, our little trooper is currently scheduled to be fitted with a pair of stylin' new spectacles on the last day of April.

The fact that he can see as well as he does is a blessing given how severe his ROP was, but we're still bumming a little about the thought of covering up those bright eyes. Good thing he's got that heartwarming smile to fall back on.

For those who are curious, Christie found a great site with pictures of babies in glasses: http://babieswithglasses.org. Print this post


  1. Thankfully there are some very good options for baby glasses these days. One website a lot of parents use to find replacement frames is www.zennioptical.com

    Bryce I am sure will look very sporty with his glasses :)

  2. Oh, he'll be gorgeous with or without the little spectacles!

  3. Bryce's eyes will still shine ... He will be the CUTEST baby boy with glasses!!