Sunday, February 14, 2010

That's *my* bunny

Content no longer with the routines of baby life, Bryce has recently become fascinated with those colorful plastic things that clutter virtually every child's home -- toys. And when I say fascinated, I don't mean the occasional swat at the rattle being proffered by Mom and Dad. This kid is more than willing to cover some ground to satisfy his toy craving, which is pretty impressive given that he can neither crawl nor walk.

This evening, he was lying on a blanket in the living room (you can see it in the first picture above). He seemed to be having a good time, so Christie and I decided to just let him be. Not long after, we were astounded to discover that he'd worked his way all the way over to the baseball toy. America's pastime only held his interest for a few minutes before he kicked, wiggled and scooted over to the motherlode of "Made in China" -- the green toy bucket (picture #2, below). He batted at it for a while before crying out with the baby equivalent of "Mommy, Daddy, help please!"

Bryce is passionate about more than just getting his hands on toys; he gets pretty fiesty about them leaving his hands, too. Neither a bottle nor a pacifier is enough to quell the fierce protest that will ensue if you take the green bunny (picture #3) from him before he's tired of gnawing on it. He's also taken a liking to the exersaucer (picture #4), though he's barely tall enough for his toes to brush the floor. After the past few months, a quarter hour of independent play every now and then is a welcome change of pace.

One things for sure -- this kid's got no shortage of personality these days. Print this post

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  1. Bryce has learned to "swim" and Great Grandma is very proud of him. That is how he got off the blanket. There is no trusting him now to stay put. He is raring to go and we could not be happier. Think of the strong abs and back muscles he will have. Love you Baby Bryce!