Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter weary

Bryce didn't have any trouble vanquishing his first virus, and I'd say it vexed us much more than it did him. Now that he's over the cold, he's back to sleeping for at least one 4-5 hour stretch. However, his endearing nighttime squeaking, which lead us to nickname him "Little Squeaker", is now being supplemented with hour-long bouts of squirming, screaming and general agitation just before he goes down for the night. I know that a recurring period of extreme fussiness is common amongst babies, and Logan's unhappy hour was also unfortunately scheduled (during dinner), but Bryce's meltdowns are especially ill-timed. It's tough to summon the patience and energy required to pace around the house with an inconsolable infant at 10pm. Hopefully, Bryce is just empathizing with the winter weariness that we're all feeling after months cooped up at home.

Now that I'm done whining, there really isn't much news to share. In fact, Bryce's regular followers may have noticed that the time between posts has been growing. Partly, this is due to a spate of recent projects, but mostly it's the fact that life feels pretty normal. Sure, he may be one of the cutest babies you'll ever meet (IMHO), but as far as five-month-olds go, he's fairly unremarkable. After 2009, a few boring months (or years) would be fantastic by us, but it does mean that one of my primary motives for blogging has ebbed to the point of non-existence. Multiple weekly blog posts are no longer necessary to keep Bryce's family and friends apprised of his prematurity-related medical conditions, because he has very few such conditions left!

I will, however, continue to blog when there is interesting news (or pictures!) to share, and I will definitely post periodic updates on Bryce's progress. Throughout this experience, reading about the trials and triumphs of other micro-preemies has helped carry us through some dark times, and their stories continue to provide us with validation, reassurance and more than a few laughs. Kudos to those who've gone before us, and we'll do our best to pay it forward. Print this post


  1. As Bryce's Great Grandmother, I need to pass on what helped when baby-sitting 5-6 month old Jack and Sebastian. Baby Einstein did it every time.
    Then, again, Tyson would calm down only to a Frank Sinatra CD. My older children used to call you "Jason, the screamer" when they babysat. Please forgive them,they changed their minds after having children of their own.
    You and Christie are doing such a great job.
    As the saying goes, "This too shall pass".
    I get my "Bryce fix" each day with the video of him cooing and laughing. Makes my day every time.
    Love and prayers,

  2. "Boring" and "normal" are two of my most favorite-est words!

  3. Grandma: I suppose it's somehow fitting that I've started referring to Bryce as the Little Screamer, then. :)

    Megan: We agree. Boring is definitely not a dirty word in this house, though I do find myself increasingly hesitant to use the word "normal". I sometimes feel like I'm perpetuating the myth that we should be anxiously measuring our kids against some magical blueprint of the perfect child.