Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Bryce & Chloe!

Songs were sung, cake was eaten, candles were extinguished, gifts were exchanged and tears were shed. We had all the elements of a perfect birthday, but it's hard to think of anything other than that empty chair.

Bryce visited the NICU on Monday to celebrate the anniversary of this portentous day. It was great to see several of the nurses, therapists and social workers who cared for him, and I think they were genuinely astonished and excited to see how well he's doing. "This is the best part of our job," one of the nurses said, and another told us that Bryce's story will bring hope to a lot of families.

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  1. Happy Birthday Bryce and ^Chloe^! Been thinking of you both all day! We celebrate the joy you have brought to our lives -- we wish ^Chloe^ would have been with us longer here on earth, but we know she lives on in our hearts and is an angle-always in your presence. Bryce gives all of us the gift of strength and hope as we have watched him during the marathon of life this past year ... we love seeing the many victories he has won. Bryce's beautiful eye's and smile have been our rewards. Today and every day -- We celebrate you!!!

  2. Happy birthday to Bryce! Orange is a very becoming color on the birthday boy :) I am sure Chloe is smiling down on her brother today.

  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the celebration, you definitly have alot to party for! I am sure Chloe is looking down, and loving her beautiful pink cake! Have fun!

  4. Great-grandma thought today was the 26th. Guess I have been preoccupied with my sister-in-law's loss of her famous son to cancer.
    I just want to wish the twins a Happy 1st Birthday and to ditto Roxanne's beautiful remarks.
    We do "celebrate you" and the many miracles of this past year.
    Great-grandma Renee