Saturday, May 22, 2010

Little growler

Bryce has recently abandoned his trademark squeak for a low-throated growl that reminds me of a dangerous cat on the prowl. It's a fitting sound for this age, because on the prowl he is! He still hasn't mastered the traditional up-on-all-fours crawl, but he can pull himself across the room using just his arms with surprising speed. And of course, everything he discovers goes into his mouth first. The video (below) doesn't really do the growl justice, but you get the idea.

The introduction of table food has been a success so far. He's still eating breads and crackers primarily, but Bryce rarely gags or chokes anymore. Still no sign of the teeth we've been expecting, though I suspect they can't be too far off.

The last week has been quiet -- when Bryce is healthy, everyone is happy. Incredibly, Bryce will be one year old next Wednesday! For those who are wondering if their party invitation was lost in the mail, we're planning to celebrate his adjusted birthday this year. If we wait until September, he'll hopefully be able to enjoy stuffing his face with a bite of birthday cake, and maybe he'll even be able to impress you all with those first tottering steps.

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