Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nasty little germses

The dreary gray weather seems to have seeped into Bryce's house, where everyone is tired and moody because everyone except yours truly has been sick! Once again, Logan caught the sniffles earlier in the week, and Bryce's symptoms surfaced a few days later. He seemed to be tolerating it well until late Sunday evening, when things rapidly deteriorated. Sunday was a sleepless night for everyone, and by Monday morning, Bryce was listless, refusing to eat, and fighting hard to breathe in spite of albuterol treatments.

Later that morning, the doctor said he definitely needed more than albuterol (oxygen sat 88, resting respiratory rate 70-80), so Bryce was once again on the verge of hospitalization. We opted to keep him at home under close observation (deja vu, anyone?), but this time he was given steroids and an antibiotic which reduces lung inflammation as well. The steroid had slowed his breathing by late Monday, and though he's still quite miserable, we're hopeful that he's dodged the hospital.

At least we can feel good about one thing: Bryce was never ill during our self-imposed quarantine, but has been sick four times since. Perhaps the loneliness and germaphobia of the first six months, when he was most fragile, wasn't for naught.

Sick or no, he's still awful cute (though I must admit, that smile's been virtually absent for the last 48 hours):

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  1. I hope Bryce gets better soon! I LOVE his glasses, he is just so stinkin' cute!

  2. He's amazing! Growing so big! I hope he feels better soon!

  3. Hoping Bryce is better soon! Sick or not, he is toooo cute.