Monday, August 24, 2009

An 'A' for the day (90 days)

Bryce had his third follow-up eye exam this afternoon and the doctor said that he "gets an A for the day!" Both eyes look structurally sound, and the abnormal vessels have regressed significantly. Seventy percent of babies with Bryce's condition need multiple surgeries, and he'll be in the danger zone for another four weeks, but the doctor expressed optimism that Bryce will be in the minority. Better yet, she now thinks he has a 60% chance of having vision correctable to 20/60. Those are just educated guesses, of course, but we like the new numbers a lot better than the ones from three weeks ago. Most importantly, she said he does not need to remain in the hospital for his eyes; if he's ready to go home, we can bring him to her clinic for his follow-up exams. Only one hurdle left!

I've included a couple pics of Bryce's first bath with Mommy and Daddy below. We received a number of compliments on his stylish post-bath hairdo. ;-P

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  1. Thank you so much for reading our blog, and posting a comment. I am really glad that Lewis gives your family hope! That really means alot to me and my husband! I am very sorry to hear about your little girl, Chloe, but please know that she will always be by Bryce's side! I love the name Chloe, that was our choice of names for a girl, very very cute. I pray that Bryce will soon graduate from the NICU, and I also pray that things go smooth for you guys when he is home. I hope that you keep reading, and I will do the same!

  2. I just hate it when people take pictures of me during a bad hair day.

  3. Bryce,

    You are starting to look like you have a Buddha belly, Mr. Chubby.

    No more GI upsets, now. That's what started my Nicholas on an extra 7-10 days in NICU and being IV fed. You don't want that.

    I love all the new pics.