Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm a big kid now! (70 days)

Bryce is moving up in the world! On Monday morning, they'd taken the top off his isolette, and he had no trouble maintaining his temperature (as long as he was well-swaddled), so on Monday afternoon he was transferred to his new home in the Infant Care Center (ICC). The ICC is a calmer, cozier and much more spacious unit for "healthy babies who just need a little time to grow before they're sent home." We were thrilled to hear Bryce described in this manner, and I think he was pretty excited about his new crib (see pic)!

Lest ye all get overly excited, I should remind our readers that Bryce can't come home until he can show consistent weight gain while nursing, and since he's still receiving all his feedings through a tube, that magical day is still (at least) a few weeks off. However, he has been gaining weight (4 lb., 2 oz. today), and assuming that Bryce is up to it, Christie will be able to start nursing any day now! He's been a bit lethargic since the surgery, but you can't really fault a guy for wanting a little shut-eye after enduring hundreds of laser strikes per eye; we're guessing he'll be back to his old mischief later this week.

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