Thursday, July 23, 2009

A happy place (58 days)

The past few days have been blessedly quiet. Bryce's feedings have been steadily increasing (up to 30 ml tri-hourly), and he's responded by sprouting like a weed. Our brawny little boy gained 30-50 grams per day during the past six days, and he weighs just over 1500 grams (3.3 pounds) this morning. If he stays healthy, it's entirely possible that Bryce could hit six pounds in only six short weeks. Go, twinkie!

On Monday, Christie was pleasantly surprised when the medical team asked if she'd like to try nursing Bryce! No one was expecting him to actually feed by mouth yet, but they decided that he's ready to practice putting his oral fixation to good use. Bryce's reaction was par for the course: he eventually got a mouthful of milk, choked on it, stopped breathing, and they called it a day. :) Nevertheless, Christie was ecstatic, and they'll continue to practice over the coming weeks.

Medically, Bryce has never been better. In fact, during rounds this morning, the doctors reviewed all of Bryce's vital signs (as they do every day), and for the first time ever, their plan is to do nothing. No tweaks, no adjustments, no weaning -- nothing. He's perfect just the way that he is. ;) Print this post

1 comment:

  1. Great job Bryce!

    You're almost as big as my Nicholas was when he was born.

    I'll never forget the first few times Nicholas tried to nurse. The surprise on his face, and the "Hey--How do I breathe now?" look were priceless. Once a NICU parent, always a NICU parent.

    Keep up the good work. Tell your parents and sibling to do the same.
    Beth Hentges
    (Century College)