Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleeping in style (65 days)

One of the first things that Logan said upon meeting his baby brother was "funny bed, has roof." Bryce must have inherited some of his father's sensitivity, because ever since then, he's been determined to show the nurses that he's ready to move up to the open-air model. This morning, the temperature on Bryce's isolette was set at a balmy 28 degrees Celsius; if he can maintain a healthy body temperature at this setting for the next three days, they'll try moving him to a crib. If all goes well, the incubator we've been huddling around for the past two months (see pic) may be relegated to the pages of Bryce's scrapbook.

As far as the NICU is concerned, Bryce has been a superstar all week. His weight this morning was 1670g (3lb, 11oz), and his weekly labs were all right on target. He's still scaring Mommy and Daddy half to death with the occasional heart rate drop or oxygen desaturation, and we were dismayed to learn that our poor little guy has a hernia, but the medical team assures us that this is business as usual for a baby whose corrected age is negative seven weeks. In my heart, I believe that Bryce is going to come home, and my head says "it'll be fine, just cherish each day with him", but I'm still fairly certain that those two gray hairs on the left side weren't there earlier this year. Print this post

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