Sunday, July 5, 2009

Surprise! (39 days)

While most of the nation was out watching fireworks, Christie and I witnessed a different kind of spectacle. Bryce was extubated at 9:35pm last night, and he greeted the world with a whimper. His cries are barely audible, but they're more than enough to melt Mom and Dad's hearts. I've posted the "before" shots above, and the "after" shots below.

He currently has a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) tube in his nose, which can be used to give him breaths if he needs it. If he does well with the CPAP, they'll switch him to a nasal cannula, which supplies extra oxygen only, as early as tonight.

As of Sunday morning, Bryce was doing wonderful, but he was none too happy to begin with. As shown in the video below, our "wimpy white boy" has no shortage of spunk when he's displeased.

UPDATE: Click here for Bryce's first audio production. Yes, that really is his all-out I'm-mad-as-heck cry. :) Print this post

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