Friday, July 31, 2009

A new perspective (66 days)

Yesterday, we were excited about the possibility of Bryce moving to a crib. Late this afternoon, we learned that Bryce will be moving to a new home, but it won't be a crib. In fact, it won't even be in this hospital. Early tomorrow morning, Bryce will be transferred to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.

It all started this morning when the opthamologist stopped by for Bryce's routine eye checkup. Based on her exam, she diagnosed him with stage 3 retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). ROP, which occurs in 80% of preemies born before 26 weeks, is an abnormality in the growth of blood vessels within the eye. In severe cases, it can lead to detachment of the retina, which usually causes blindness.

Late Friday afternoon, one of the doctors who specializes in disorders of the retina (a retinologist) dropped by to examine Bryce. His findings were heartbreaking: Bryce's ROP is very serious, and without immediate surgery, he will almost certainly go blind. The retinologist who examined Bryce did not feel comfortable performing this delicate operation, so our teensy tot is going to be transferred a few miles down the road, where he'll be placed in the care of one of the world's finest retinologists.

Obviously, this abrupt change has rocked our little 'home' in the NICU. Although we've heard very good things about Children's, and we want him to receive the best possible care for his eyes, we're very anxious about leaving behind the familiar people and places at UMMC. We're not all that eager to embark on yet another new adventure, and I get the sense that many of the staff here will miss us too.

Things are still very uncertain right now, but it sounds like Bryce's surgery will happen early tomorrow afternoon. I'll try to post updates over the weekend when I have more information; if you happen to read this before then, please keep Bryce in your thoughts and prayers on Saturday! Print this post

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  1. Grandpa and I are praying hard for Bryce. One great thing about UMMC is that they caught this and are taking action quickly. May God be with all of you and keep you hopeful that the best is being done for precious Bryce.
    All our love and prayers,
    Grandma & Grandpa