Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where's my cake? (2 months!)

Poor Bryce will have to be pardoned for the dubious looks (see pic) he gave Mom and Dad after learning that the NICU would be celebrating his two-month birthday with a "gift" of three vaccine shots. Christie and I were equally nervous; he still seems awfully little, but we relented after the nurse, nurse practitioner and neonatologist each assured us that this is a good thing. As the doctor put it, "you don't want your preemie catching pertussis."

He's back on track after Friday's drama, and his weight gain over the weekend has been modest, which means he's probably clearing out that extra fluid and replacing it with some healthy baby chub. At 3.5 pounds, Bryce is almost certainly the smallest two-month old baby we'll ever meet, but he makes up for his lack of stature with a hero's spirit and verve. Bryce was especially energetic after his transfusion, and his weekend antics provided Mom and Dad with some greatly appreciated comic relief.

Three of Bryce's roommates graduated to the "west wing", where stable babies room-in with their parents for several days before moving home. Though we're thrilled for their parents, it's somewhat disheartening to watch other families come and go; it's quite possible that Bryce is now the oldest baby in the NICU. On the bright side, one of the babies who moved out was a fellow 24-weeker born 3 weeks before Bryce. Though each preemie's journey is different, and we're painfully aware that life can change in an instant, we're starting to feel like maybe there's a hint of light at the end of this tunnel.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Bryce,

    I'm glad you had a good two-month b-day.

    Have your mom ask around for a NICU nurse named Robin Sheldon. Ask your mom to tell Robin that my Nicholas is now 5 ft, 6+ in, 110 lbs, and about to start 8th grade.

    I remember when we roomed-in with Nicholas. We were to take him home the next morning. In the morning the nurse came, looked at him, and said "This baby is very sick. We need to take him back to the NICU." We were crushed, of course, and it was heart breaking to walk out of the hospital with an empty car seat just as another NICU parent was walking in with a car seat to take his child home.

    Bryce, it's OK to cheer your friends on and to be sad that you're not quite ready to join them in the West Wing yet. I bet you'll be there soon.

    Keep up the good work Bryce. Remind your parents to get some rest.

    All the best,
    Beth Hentges