Thursday, May 28, 2009

2 days

Bryce and Chloe had another good day. Both babies are maintaining a healthy blood pressure without medication, and neither has had any serious problems. During morning rounds (big group meetings of the medical staff that we're allowed to sit in on), our neonatologist said that they were "textbook" 24-week preemies, and that in this case, "normal is good, because we know how to deal with normal."

Bryce was off the "vent" (ventilator) for close to 4 hours yesterday. I stood by his bedside for close to an hour and watched him breathe all by himself! Amazing to think that something the rest of us take for granted is a major accomplishment for my son. He started to get a little tired later in the day, so they put him back on the ventilator, and the doctor said that we'll try again when his lungs are a little more mature. However, the fact that a micro-preemie could breathe on his own showed that he had a lot of "spunk". :)

At this stage, the two biggest dangers facing the twins are infection and bleeding in the brain. Their 48-hour blood culture results came back today, and I'm happy to say that both Chloe and Bryce are infection free! Now we just have to work hard to keep it that way. As far as the bleeding is concerned, the babies are at highest risk during the first week, so they typically perform a brain scan after day 7. Intracranial bleeding is highly correlated with disability, so we'll be waiting with fingers crossed until next Tuesday.

And now, what you've all been waiting for: the first Sonnek Twin home movie! This is a one-minute clip of Chloe sleeping. It's hard to see her face because of the ventilator and the goggles over her eyes (to protect them from UV light they use to treat jaundice -- my daughter is 2 days old, and already tanning *sigh*), but she sure was active this morning. Enjoy! :)

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  1. Absolutely incredible--thank you for sharing! We look forward to seeing more of your beautiful babies!

  2. Watching the miracle of Chloe and her movements, I thought she was preparing for a race like her Dad. Then when she heard her Mom say "Good morning, Chloe" she became so still so she could hear more. Babies seem to know mama and papa's voices.
    Much love and many prayers from Great Grandparents, Renee & Harry.

  3. Their lives are a collection of small and large miracles everyday. Our family prays daily with faith and hope that Bryce and Chloe will continue to improve. God, who knows when a sparrow falls, is certainly watching over you and your family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  4. Wow -- what a story from the last couple days! Megan and Nina forwarded the link to your blog to me, and I'm glad they did! Congratulations!!! They are amazing,and I can't even begin to imagine the conflicting emotions you're going through right now (terror to elation within a few seconds?!). Please let me know if there's ANYTHING I can do...Logan is welcome to play/stay if you need help with him...I can bring food...whatever you need! Feel free to send me an email (work or through FB is fine too!) if there's any way I can help out. I'll definitely keep following the babies and keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!
    Kristen Genet