Sunday, May 31, 2009

5 days

Sorry for the late entry; it was a busy day in the Sonnek household. Christie and I went to visit this afternoon, and were pleasantly surprised by a heart-warming gift from Chloe and Bryce! The nurses put together two cards, one pink and one blue, with pictures, handprints and footprints from each of the babes. We were touched by their thoughtfulness.

Not much change in the kiddos' health status since yesterday. Bryce looks almost the same. Chloe had some unexplained bleeding into her ventilator tube and some fluid accumulation in her lungs, but the nurses said they could no longer hear a heart murmur, so they are hoping that her ductus arteriosus has closed.

We also learned that tomorrow is the day we've both been dreading. The twins are each going to receive brain ultrasounds to determine if the trauma of birth caused any bleeding in the brain. Christie and I have been agonizing over this test since the day they were born; if you've read the 'Intro to Extremely Premature Babies', you know how important the results are in determining the eventual outcome. They're also going to receive another ultrasound of the heart, which we're hoping will show that both twins' hearts are in good shape. Of course, we already know they have hearts of gold, right??! ;) If you have any positive energy to share, please send it Chloe and Bryce's way tomorrow morning! Print this post

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  1. Jason~Please know that you are not on any timeframe to post to your blog! All of us that read your blog appreciate the communication, however, none of us expect you to post every day or by a certain time--do not put that kind of additional pressure on yourself. We all understand that you have a lot going on in your life and your priorities are taking care of yourself and your family. Praying for all of you! Love you!