Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Day (24 weeks)

I called Christie on my cell at 10AM this morning. I was just about to drop Logan off at daycare, and I needed to know what days he'd be attending next week. She was thrilled that we'd made it to the big 24, and said she was feeling great.

Five minutes later, I called her back to complain about daycare's billing practices. You can imagine my shock when Christie sobbed hysterically into the phone "You need to come now! The baby fell out!" and hung up on me (NB: the baby did NOT fall out). I tried calling back, but all the nurse would say is "you should come as quickly as you can."

So, I did just that. At 10:10, I was in northern Blaine. At 10:37, I was in scrubs outside the operating room. I'll spare you the details, but Christie had developed some rather serious complications, and they needed to deliver both babies by emergency C-section.

Bryce Thomas came into the world at 11:31. His sister Chloe Kathleen followed at 11:33. Both babies were stabilized in the operating room and did not need any resuscitation. Given their gestational age, everyone seemed very optimistic about the babies' conditions. Christie and I both got to say hello to our little miracles before they were whisked off to the NICU.

And so, the next chapter in our incredible journey begins. Each baby has its own team of doctors and nurses providing round-the-clock care. Once again, we have been very impressed with the quality of both the staff and the facilities. Our children are shockingly tiny: Bryce weighs 580 grams (1 lb, 4.5 oz) and Chloe weighs 555 grams (1 lb, 3.5 oz). I'll post some pictures later.

The doctors have warned us that the road ahead is long and fraught with peril; we still have no idea how this story will end. Chloe and Bryce will have to overcome countless challenges over the coming months, but they've cleared the first hurdle, and both are stable. In the best case, we'll bring home a healthy baby boy and girl in late-August or early-September.

Christie is doing great. We're both tired and frazzled, but very thankful that things worked out as well as they did. It is somewhat miraculous that we were able to hold out for two weeks, and we could not have asked for a better outcome under the circumstances. Thanks for all your support, and please keep Bryce and Chloe in your prayers.

UPDATE: Pictures!!

#1: The happy papa, after the delivery

#2: Bryce Thomas, age 1 hour (remember, the diaper is roughly the size of a playing card)

#3: Chloe Kathleen, age 1 hour (note how big the nurse's fingers look)

#4: Mama meeting Chloe for the first time

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  1. Welcome to the world Bryce and Chloe!!! You have many people praying for you both! It is comforting to know you are being taken care of by some of the best doctors and nurses in Minnesota! You are loved by many!

    Jason and Christie~Congratulations! They are both little miracles! We are all standing beside you on this road ahead... cheering for Bryce and Chloe to overcome their challenges and come home. Love you both!

  2. Many congratulations Jason and Christie! Job well done!You may never again have your "backs pushed up against a wall" as you have had these past weeks. You came through with flying colors and it can only help you to cope with daily problems with ease. You have had a catastrophic experience. You must know how much we admire you both. We will continue our daily rosary until the babes are out of the woods.
    They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  3. Christie and Jason,

    Your babies are beautiful miracles. I am so hopeful your family. Your are in my thoughts and prayers.