Saturday, May 30, 2009

4 days

Our pint-sized progeny are holding their own. Bryce is still trying to show-up his sister: he's off the tanning lights, and his vitals have been consistently good. Earlier today he was desperately trying to open his eyes, but the doctors said they'll remain sealed for at least another week. Chloe is our problem child; her blood glucose has been high, so they've been giving her insulin, and she's still on the UV lights. However, the doctors said that both babies are doing extremely well, and that they have no serious concerns. Go, twinkies! :)

In other news, we're at home! We bid farewell to Fairview Riverside early this afternoon. Logan was ecstatic: he was running around the room packing up Christie's belongings as quickly as he could. Christie is resting comfortably, but it will probably be several more days before she'll be moving around with ease. It was extremely hard to leave the twins behind, but we know they're being well cared for, and we'll be counting down the days 'til our family is whole again.

Update: If you're like me, you probably find yourself wondering what life would be like for a baby born at 24 weeks. I've added a little list in the corner, called "Life as a Micro-preemie". The top link is a document distributed at another top hospital which describes the medical realities for our children simply and honestly. The bottom four are our inspiration: blogs from families of other micro-preemies (whose size at birth was close to that of Bryce and Chloe) who have beaten the odds and grown-up to be beautiful children. :) Print this post

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  1. We hold our breath and read every word of this phenomenal blog of "new life", but today the tears just kept coming. I know they are tears of joy for everyone. Logan has his mama and what could beat that after such a long absence.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to read first-hand the daily account. We love you so much. God speed your recovery Christie, Bryce and Chloe.