Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12 (22 weeks)

I went with Christie to her regular 22-week checkup last Tuesday. Other than some back pain when she walked for long distances, Christie was feeling better than she had at any time during the pregnancy. We even went a little early to do a tour of the birthing center. Neither of us had any clue that Christie would be admitted to that very same place in less than an hour.

Christie's doctor performed the regular ultrasound exam, and both the babies were healthy and merrily kicking each other. Though it is unusual to do so at 22 weeks, Christie's doctor decided to check her cervix as well. The next few minutes were a blur of tears and activity. The doctor said that Christie had developed serious complications, and that her care would be immediately transferred to a specialist in Minneapolis.

Christie was rushed to the University of Minnesota Medical Center Children's Hospital (a.k.a. Fairview Riverside) by ambulance (with lights and sirens!). I followed behind in our vehicle, and narrowly avoided at least three accidents. After madly dashing through a maze of corridors, I burst into Christie's room and..... the waiting began.

We met Christie's new perinatologist, Dr. Y, a couple hours later. She was accompanied by an entourage of residents and interns, and we were both impressed. She exudes confidence and competence, and so far we couldn't be happier with our care. Dr. Y ordered Christie on strict hospital bed rest, and said that she would wait until Wednesday morning to examine Christie to avoid exacerbating any irritation caused by Tuesday's exam. Print this post

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