Thursday, May 21, 2009

23 weeks, 2 days

We had a scare last night. Christie had a monster contraction at around 8:30, which was accompanied by a minute amount of bleeding. Afterward, she started having regular contractions every 15-20 minutes. I rushed into the hospital in a panic, prepared for the worst, but neither the nurses nor the on-call resident were terribly concerned. After I'd talked Christie down, the contractions started to diminish in both strength and frequency, and she was asleep by 11:30.

The morning's news has been mixed. The bi-weekly ultrasound exam showed strong heartbeats and ample fluid levels for both babies. However, Christie has been having strong contractions about every 30 minutes this morning, and is struggling to remain positive. We're anxiously awaiting our morning visit from the doctor; I'll post an update later in the day.

Update: I harangued our medical team into giving Christie some medication to stop the contractions. The last few hours have been somewhat trying. Although I'm still convinced that we're in the best place possible for someone in this condition, our staff of perinatologists, residents, interns, and nurses has grown quite large, and everyone has a different opinion about what can and should be done. Even if the studies show it's typically ineffective, being on the medication eases Christie's mind (she's currently sleeping peacefully), so I think we made the right decision. Print this post


  1. May God hold Christie and all of you in the palm of his hand and bless you with the ability to breathe easily and to trust in his presence and great love for you. You are ever in our thoughts.prayers and love.

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  3. Hi JCL++ I think you made the wise choice.

  4. I always believe that doctors present info and you make the choices - they don't know what is best for you - just what is available, you know what you need to do.