Monday, May 18, 2009

22 weeks, 6 days

Christie and I are feeling jubilant after a steep ascent on the emotional rollercoaster. The ultrasound tech came in this morning to check on the babies, and Baby A's fluid levels are the same as those of a normal baby! Also, Baby B's sac appears to be intact. The tech printed out a 3D-ultrasound picture of each baby's face, and Christie has been gushing about how cute they are all morning. ;)

Babies and mama are healthy; one more day and we cross over that magic "viability" threshold. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Update: The doctor stopped by later this morning to say that he was (pleasantly) surprised by the results of the ultrasound exam. He explained that it was possible that either Baby A's sac has a very slow leak, or even that it hasn't ruptured at all! It's hard not to get your hopes up with news like this! :) Print this post


  1. Wonderful news! Will continue to pray!

  2. Awesome news! You should post pics of the babies!

  3. Terry Newton prayed that you would both know a merciful God. His prayers are answered. We continue our rosary vigil each day and feel very close to all of you. Your blog is a witness to so many. You have no idea what good may come from sharing your story and you do so so beautifully.