Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back on track? (103 days)

The doctor gave Christie permission to get back to work today. Contrary to our fears, it doesn't seem like Bryce has regressed too much; he was absolutely frantic before his 2PM feeding, and settled back into nursing without any trouble. With any luck, his tummy will welcome the new cow-protein-free milk.

A few days on formula didn't seem to hamper Bryce's growth. He's packed on six ounces since Wednesday, and crossed the six pound mark yesterday! He's still doing great breathing on his own, and he looks fantastic.

Of course, we couldn't go three days without a little bad news. The audiologist tested Bryce's hearing this morning, and only his left ear passed. However, the hearing loss may be temporary, and to be honest, we were more relieved than upset. Christie and I knew that the jet ventilator which helped him breathe in the early days of his life could damage his hearing, so we were excited to learn that he has at least one good ear!

After I realized that I truly wasn't upset, I couldn't help but wonder at the fundamental paradigm shift Bryce has impelled in both of us. With Logan, we expected everything, and despaired at every minor eccentricity. With Bryce, we expect nothing, and are thankful for the "gifts" we previously took for granted. 'Tis a strange new world indeed. Print this post

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  1. Baby Bryce Singing:

    "So hoist up the John B's. sail
    See how the main sail sets
    Call for the Captain ashore
    Let me go home, let me go home
    I wanna go home, I wanna go home,
    Well I feel so broke up
    I wanna go home"