Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three cheers for Elecare!

Bryce's growth has been nearly ideal since we started fortifying his milk. He's up 150 grams (to 6 lb., 12 oz.) over the past five days, and seems much happier. He's a better nurser than bottler, so the first couple days were frustrating, but we eventually discovered that if we use a newborn nipple on his bottles, instead of the preemie nipple we were advised to use, he finishes his bottles in a quarter of the time and doesn't choke any more frequently. So, it seems that the looming specter of re-hospitalization has been banished by a mere 2.5 tsp/day of formula, and I'd say everyone in the Sonnek household is sleeping easier (albeit not enough).

There isn't much else to report, and that's a good thing. I'm back at work, so my time is ridiculously over-committed, but I'll post the latest updates (and pictures!) when life permits. Print this post

1 comment:

  1. HOMERUN!!! Many thanks for the best of news.
    Now try to get some sleep. Life will go on and hopefully be much easier.
    You can see a difference in his face already. Great pic!
    Love you!