Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not today (107 days)

Christie's 30th birthday started off on a sour note. When she called the NICU at 4AM this morning, they told her that Bryce had lost 20 grams (about 2/3 of an ounce); one day hardly signifies a trend, but this was actually the fifth consecutive day of modest gains/losses. Thus, we were worried that they'd have to put him back on scheduled feedings using the NG tube, which would be a significant setback. However, as the day progressed, our hope was restored; Bryce needs to take about 50 ml of milk every three hours to meet his caloric needs, and while he was taking 30-50 ml yesterday, today he has taken 100, 40, 50, 60, 65, and 80, each roughly three hours apart!

When the doctor stopped by late this afternoon, she told us that his weight gain this week has been on the low end, and she'd like to watch him a little longer to minimize the risk of re-hospitalization due to poor growth. However, given how well he's doing today, she made it clear that if we felt strongly about it, then we could bring him home. After a brief discussion, Christie and I decided that while it would be cute if Christie and Bryce shared a "birth"-day, we'd much rather wait a few days until everyone is confident that he'll thrive at home. So, we left empty-handed, but with a new found optimism; I'm sure Logan's teddy bear won't mind keeping the bassinet warm for a little longer. Print this post

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  1. We are all cheering you on and the marathon race of your lifetime is almost over. Take a deep breath, drink a bit of water and know that just around the bend is the 26.2 mile mark and HOME FOR BRYCE. You have done such good work. Thank you both for loving this precious baby and always believing in him. God is with you and helping you to make such good decisions. Now rest!