Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Honeymoon's Over

Exhaustion is the word of the day. Christie and I are feeling physically drained after four sleepless nights, and our emotional reserves hit empty after Bryce's first check-up this morning.

I'll start with the good news. Bryce's pediatrician (who happens to be Logan's as well) was highly recommended by the neonatologist at Children's, and he assured us that he has a great deal of experience caring for preemies. He was impressed with Bryce's behavior and reflexes, and said that he thinks Bryce will have a good neurological outcome.

We should have been thrilled by this news, but our spirits had already been broken by that merciless device which is hated by so many: the scale. After four days and nights of patiently cajoling Bryce to take enough food, we learned that he's gained a measly 40 grams since discharge. At that rate, he won't hit Logan's birth weight (7lb, 12oz) until Christmas! The pediatrician said that it will be hard to for him to drink enough milk to meet his needs, but we can't fortify his milk (as they typically do) because of his milk/soy sensitivity. He had been tracking the 10th percentile for weight, length and head size, but during the past 10 days, he's fallen off even that low standard; quite the predicament. For those keeping score, Bryce is 6 lb., 2 oz., 18.5" long, and has a head circumference of 34 cm. Today is his "due date", so his corrected age is officially 0 days old!

We also had a discussion about the upcoming cold season, and it seems that they really do expect us to keep Bryce quarantined at home. The pediatrician encouraged us to avoid all public places, and said that "no one should breathe in Bryce's face, or touch his face/hands". Other than "brief periods in our backyard", we were told that he really shouldn't go out. So much for the whole cuddly newborn thing. On the plus side, we get priority service at the doctor's office; no waiting room for Bryce!

A wise man once said, "nothing worthwhile is ever easy." I just hope we're up to the challenge. Print this post

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  1. Jason and Christie~Sending you prayers...positive energy...angles...anything and everything that will help you refill your emotional reserves. The two of you are exemplary to all people who face any type of challenge in their lives. Remember you have a lot of people who you can depend on to help you ... and many, many people (even people you don't personally know) who are cheering your family on during the ups and downs of this journey. Look at how far you have come thus far--I believe in both of you and you will succeed with all future challenges. I am not surprised that Bryce would need to be quarantined at home, especially considering the cold and flu season that already seems to have begun. I can imagine you are anxious to introduce Bryce to people--as we are all anxious to meet him, but until it is safe for him everyone continues to love meeting and getting to know Bryce through your eyes and words by the wonderful pictures, videos and blog that you share with us.
    Peace be with you.
    Love you all!