Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The GI bug strikes back (99 days)

Just when we thought it was safe to relax a bit, Bryce's GI issues resurfaced with a vengeance. His earlier loose stools, which had at most a hint of pink, have now become more blood than stool. A complete workup has been ordered, and he'll be put back in isolation; furthermore, they've asked Christie to start a completely dairy-free diet, which (all kidding aside) will be no mean feat for her. Worse yet, for the next few days, they're going to switch Bryce to formula instead of milk, which will almost certainly disrupt his feeding routine. I have great empathy for any of our readers who want to scream "enough already!"

Fortunately, Bryce looks like a million-dollar baby; he's not showing any other signs that would lead us to believe he's sick. He's been off the nasal cannula since yesterday afternoon, and although his oxygen saturation has occasionally drifted into the high-80's (they want it to be 90% or higher), he has not had any apneic spells that would indicate that he needs it back. As a show of support for Christie, I've vowed to give up ice cream until Bryce recovers; let's hope her sacrifice is enough to calm his tiny tummy. Print this post

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  1. My good friend Barb had this with her first born Lucia. She went off dairy and things cleared up.
    He looks so big and beautiful!!!

    Chrissy and Tom