Wednesday, June 3, 2009

8 days

Chloe and Bryce are separated by five feet of air and thick plastic isolettes, but apparently they still know that they're twins. Their blood pressure started dropping in unison last night, and they've had a very busy day in the NICU. The doc says this is typical behavior at this age, although they ran a series of tests on both babies to check for the bane of all preemies: infection.

Both of the twins are back on the blood pressure medication, and they switched Chloe to a high-frequency oscillating ventilator to give her lungs a break. Unfortunately, their forward progress has been effectively "paused" until their condition improves: they stopped Bryce's feedings, and we won't get to hold either of them any time soon.

Another day in the life of a micro-preemie parent! After an hour spent in the NICU listening to alarms chirping incessantly, we needed a little encouragement, so I added a few new success stories to the sidebar. :) Print this post

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