Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly (22 days)

The Good: The current plan is to take it easy for a few days and let the twins grow. Thus far, Bryce and Chloe have been happy to oblige: Bryce is up to 1 lb., 13 oz. and Chloe is at 1 lb., 14oz. Our little girl is working especially hard: she did well with her 1 ml milk feedings on Monday, so they moved her to 2 ml yesterday and then to 3 ml today -- almost an ounce of milk per day! They're both still on the jet ventilators, but their chest x-rays have been looking much better, which hopefully indicates that their lungs are getting stronger. Also, each of the twins can open both of their eyes when they're awake, which is fun for Mom and Dad even if they can't see anything yet.

The Bad: Bryce is still struggling to maintain a healthy blood pressure, so he hasn't been able to eat during the past three days. Neither the steroids they've been giving him nor the restoration of his pain medication have helped, so now the doctors are beginning to wonder if he has an infection. They started several tests, but since he isn't exhibiting any other symptoms, they're not too concerned yet.

The Ugly: An artery in Chloe's right ankle collapsed late this morning, and her foot wasn't getting enough blood. The nurses reacted quickly and were able to restore blood flow, but her entire foot turned black and blue. If you've ever tried to stand on a foot that has fallen asleep, then you can imagine how poor Chloe feels right now. :( It looked better this afternoon, but her fourth and fifth toes were still discolored. Chloe's nurses are watching it closely, and the nurse practitioner said permanent damage isn't likely, so we're hoping they'll be a nice rosy pink in the morning. Print this post

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  1. What sweethearts they both are. Where do they get the courage to be so brave? God is with them and with the two of you they will win this race and be survivors. God bless all of you.