Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two weeks

If you needed any further proof of the strange world we've been thrust into, consider the following: in the two hours that Christie and I spent with the twins this afternoon, we observed a couple partially-collapsed lungs, a potential seizure (false alarm), some mystery blood around Bryce's mouth, plus regular bouts with the usual suspects -- hypoxemia, hyperoxemia, hypotension and hypertension. And yet, Christie and I were all smiles this afternoon; for Bryce and Chloe, this was another very good day.

Bryce has been tolerating (i.e., digesting) his feedings, which is a very good sign. Also, the doctor stopped by again to emphasize how amazed she was that his IVH had dissolved so quickly. Just before we left, they had the top off Bryce's isolette so they could adjust one of his lines: Christie and I both got to cradle his head, and Mama even gave him his first kiss! Chloe has remained stable, and they've been slowly weaning her off the medication, so we're hoping she might start feedings toward the end of the week.

Lest you worry that there are no laughs in the NICU, check out this video of Bryce struggling mightily to open his eyes. :) I attached a couple pics of our two-week-olds as well.

Bryce: "I want to see, Mom!!"

Bryce: "I wish I could wipe off the kiss Mama just gave me"

Chloe: Our tummy-sleeper Print this post


  1. Awww...Bryce, this will be the first of many kisses;) Chloe, your Mama is anxiously awaiting to give you your first kiss and many more!

  2. These beautiful babes will be in your arms in no time. They are already in our hearts and daily prayers. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see these pictures. Thank you sooooooo much!