Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No longer a neonate (29 days)

Bryce is 29 days old today! By definition, the term "neonate" is used to describe a baby during the first four weeks of his or her life, so our little boy is now officially a full-blown infant. Unfortunately, they won't let us bring him home from the neonatal intensive care unit quite yet. :)

We're pleased to report that Bryce has been steadily improving the past two days. He has been alternating between very low doses of medication and no medication, so we hope he's right on the cusp of resuming feedings. Despite the fact that he's only been receiving IV nutrition, Bryce has been slowly growing: he's up to 2 pounds today! They also finally got a new arterial line in place, and he looks healthy.

Under the circumstances, it's hard to visit the NICU. The sorrow and empathy is palpable; it's clear that everyone was shaken by Chloe's loss. Chaplain Chuck, who has spent time with us regularly since Christie's hospital admittance, told us that while they do have to deal with loss, it rarely happens so abruptly. I find no solace in Chloe's uniqueness in this respect, but it is comforting to know that she was more than just "another patient" to the team.

Anytime you invite great joy into your life, you also risk great sorrow. Chloe's passing has been indescribably painful, but Christie and I are both immensely grateful for the 26 days our daughter spent with us. Thank you to everyone who has remembered Chloe through their kind words, actions and donations to the March of Dimes. Print this post

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  1. Congratulations to "INFANT" Bryce. We are all pulling for him to grow and develop in healthy ways.
    Hold your head high, Jason, as you walk through the NICU. You and your lovely Christie will be very sensitive to others who are in trouble. You have experienced it. Chloe showed her love to you on Father's Day in a most unbelievable way. How can you top that? Her picture is framed and in a place of honor. Thank you! Love,
    Grandma & Grandpa