Saturday, June 20, 2009

And it all crashes down (25 days)

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

After all that we've been through in the past few weeks, you'd think that we'd have learned by now that things can change dramatically in a matter of minutes. Nevertheless, we were completely unprepared to walk into a flurry of activity around Chloe's isolette this afternoon.

The doctor hurried over, asked Christie to sit down and informed us that Chloe was "very sick." Her stomach had swollen up rather suddenly, she was aspirating (spitting up via her feeding tube) greenish/brown milk and the oxygen levels in her blood were critically low, despite the fact that she was breathing pure oxygen. I got a quick glimpse of our baby girl before one of the doctors politely but firmly asked us to back off, and the color of her skin made my heart sink.

Over the next hour, the team worked feverishly to bring her back to a "stable" state. Fortunately, her abdominal x-ray did not look as bad as they had feared, and one of the nurses said that they may have "caught it just in time." She's receiving constant attention, and they've already started running a battery of tests to determine where the infection is. Meanwhile, they're treating her with general antibiotics and a slew of other medications.

Bryce seems to be oblivious to all the excitement, but he's still having trouble with his blood pressure, so they're going to start him on antibiotics as well. With any luck, they'll both start improving when the drugs kick in later this evening. We'll be here, hoping for the best Father's Day gift ever: a speedy recovery for both of them. Print this post

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  1. We are all on the "roller coaster" with you. When you smile at the progress, we smile with you and when you shed a tear, we shed tears. We pray and hope and send blessings your way. You are a beacon of hope for the whole Sonnek family. May God give you strength and may the joy you seek come on Father's Day. Life is so precious.
    Grandma & Grandpa