Monday, June 22, 2009

And then there was one (27 days)

I'm sure many of you are wondering what happened. Preliminary test results indicate that Chloe had a blood infection. They were treating her with antibiotics, and she seemed to be doing much better late Saturday night. By Sunday morning, her coloring had improved, and she was breathing room air. Though an infection is always serious for such a small baby, no one expected what was to come. At 10AM on Sunday morning, the infection caused Chloe's bowel to perforate. Though the entire team reacted swiftly and heroically, the shock was simply too much for her.

Little Bryce fights on. His blood pressure was a little better today, and they're going to give him two rounds of steroids to help wean him off the dopamine. He's been having a little bit of trouble with the lines that they use to draw blood: his old one was wearing out, and they couldn't get a new line threaded through his tiny veins. He looked a little stressed, but the doctor came by to reassure us that he is very stable and not at all sick.

We will be having a small ceremony tomorrow afternoon for Chloe. I know that our little girl touched many lives during her sojourn here on Earth, but we decided to limit the service to immediate family. There is a very beautiful, very intimate chapel at our church, but it can only accommodate a couple dozen people, and to be honest, we're not ready for a public reception yet. We're planning to celebrate both of the twins' lives when Bryce comes home in September. Please keep Chloe in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow at 4:30. Print this post

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  1. I just wanted to send hugs your way, I am the mommy of an angel, our son is buried at the same church and my heart goes out to you! I know you are going through so much and just wanted to send some hugs.

    Laura Mitchell