Friday, June 19, 2009

That girl can eat! (24 days)

"Little" Chloe is really packing on the weight -- this morning, she tipped the scales at 2 lb., 1 oz! Her feedings have been going so well that they moved her to 4 ml per feeding yesterday, and today they moved her to 5 ml (about a teaspoon). That's 2 oz. of milk per day, which is pretty significant if you consider the fact that she only weighs 33 oz! Big brother Bryce is falling behind (1 lb., 14 oz.), but it's pretty hard to gain weight when you're not eating! He's still on dopamine for his low blood pressure, and they won't feed him as long as he needs the meds. The good news is that all of his infection cultures have been negative so far, and he doesn't seem like he's sick.

Chloe's foot looks much better, but the tip of her fourth toe is still "dusky" (i.e., black). We're trying to remain optimistic, though it's not impossible that the "10 fingers, 10 toes" cliche won't apply to our daughter. Oh well, toes are overrated... right?! The good news is that they removed the dressing from her PDA surgery, and it left a pretty cool looking scar (see pic below), so hopefully that will distract attention away from the toe when she's out in her bikini.

If you didn't guess from the limited number of posts, the past five days have been relatively quiet. This week's neonatologist, Dr. Georgieff, actually dropped by this afternoon to thank the twins for their good behavior. With any luck, they'll continue to rest and grow for another week. Once their lungs are a little more mature, the next step will be to get them off of the ventilators and into Mama's arms. Print this post

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