Thursday, June 4, 2009

9 days

Our daughter will be having heart surgery tomorrow.

Those words are enough to strike fear into the most stoic of parents (which we certainly are not). Chloe's PDA still has not closed, and due to concerns regarding the fluid in her lungs and potential long-term lung problems, her medical team has decided to use surgical ligation to close the opening. Fortunately, this is a common procedure in micro-preemies, and the success rate is very high (~98%). The doctors have warned us that the 24 hours following surgery will be a difficult time for Chloe, but we're hopeful that it will significantly improve her condition in the long run. If you'd like to know more about PDA, click here.

The kiddos have been seriously misbehaving. Bryce and Chloe's nurses have been tweaking knobs and adjusting lines all night and day, and the doctor pronounced the end of the "honeymoon period" this morning. Bryce was jealous of his sister's high-tech machinery, so they moved him to the high-frequency ventilator as well. I guess they're already overacheivers: they had a longer than normal honeymoon period, and now they're in a hurry to get their weekly bad days out of the way. :) Print this post


  1. I'll be thinking of Chloe and your family tomorrow. It sounds like she's got fantastic odds. Keep on hoping, we'll all keep on praying.

  2. We salute you for your wonderful, loving attitude in facing one crisis after another. You and Christie are on a team that will always be winners. I hope I live long enough for you to win a Pulitzer Prize. Not just for journalism, but for facing life's biggest challenges with faith, hope and love. We are sending many prayers your way and are confident that these doctors will make a major difference in Chloe's progress. God's blessings and love,
    Grandma & Grandpa

  3. We'll be keeping Chloe and you all in our thoughts tomorrow! Each day is a new challenge, but each day also makes them stronger!
    Kristen Genet